Align your business and personal financial decisions with your own goals and values


“I definitely hold Jeanne Brutman in the highest regard as a Financial Planner/Advisor that I have come to appreciate, respect, admire and most importantly trust! Jeanne also makes great cookies yum!”
–Ivan D. Mossop, Jr.,MBAtax, EA

“Since I am in a Financial Services business, I am very cautious about whom I allow my clientele to interact with. Jeanne Brutman has never let me down. She is dedicated to service, has a passion for her product and always displays professional integrity. When I hear her voice on the phone, I always smile.”
–Howard Lipset

“It has been a joy to with Jeanne. She is professional and dedicated. I do not hesitate to send clients and know that they will be in great hands. She is the gold standard of care.”
–David Dorfman

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With so many types of financial advice available it can be difficult to know who to trust. By working with an independent planner, who acts in your best interest, there are no ulterior motives for self gain beyond compensation for advice given and services rendered.

Others First
"Others First" is my mission statement. This says it all.

The Power of the Team
I can not make your financial plan alone. I need you, your family and other professionals to make an impervious, flexible and dependable plan that will stand for decades or generations.

How You Benefit:
Stress around money is mitigated through education and sharing of wisdom gathered from hundreds of couples and individual business owners.
1. Your personal goals and values are aligned with how you accumulate, protect, grow and spend your assets.
2. Stress around money is mitagated through education and sharing of wisdom gathered from hundreds of couples and individulas Business.

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